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PCTL Offer a wide range of Voltage stabilizers to cater various marketing segments.

Comprising of the following different types : –

  1. Stabline Servo Type Voltage Stabilizers
  2. Static Voltage Stabilizers
  3. IGBT Based Voltage Stabilizer

Salient Features of the stabilizers are

  • Full Solid State Controller Operator Panel
  • Independent Phase Balancing and Control
  • LCD for Data Monitoring
  • True RMS measurement, feedback and control
  • Keypad for Parameter Setting
  • Line to Line & Line to Neutral RYB Voltage and Current indication
  • Settable Trip Voltage and Current Limits
  • Fault Status Display
  • Under Voltage / Over voltage / Over Current protection
  • Auto / Manual Operation Facility
  • Healthy power Output available indication Lamp
  • Surge Voltage Protection
  • Inbuilt Manual Bypass (Optional)
  • Automatic Load Disconnection (Abnormal Condition)


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