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PCTL Automation manufactures power distribution boards for housing the Utility meters, these meter boards are designed in standard and non standard sizes, the various applications offers following configurations such as under the staircase, back to back as well as out door applications

Specifications-Each meter board has the space for Utility cutouts, space for Utility Meters and outgoing protection circuit breakers . The front doors are entrenched with glass so that meter can be read without opening the front covers,a combination of change over with staggered switching can be provided on request.


  1. Meterboards with Check meters.
  2. Meterboards with Check Meters complete with EMS System
  3. Meter boards with Automatic change overs
  4. Meterboards for outdoor applications
  5. Meterboards with special space requirements viz Under the staircase back to back u-shape etc


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