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PCTL Offers a range of compact changeover switches, designed according to IEC / EN 60947B3, stands out for the easy and low B cost installation, flexB ibility, safety and reliability .

Compact size saves panel space and allows the usage of a smaller enclosure .

Fully rated switched neutral pole which closes first and opens last,enB suring presence of neutral always in the circuit and giving protection against accidental overvoltage surges in equipments connected between phase and neutral .
Suitable for isolaton as per IEC/EN 60947B3, ensuring safety of the opB erator by eliminating chances of wrong indication of handle position .

Robust and efficent quick make & break mechanism opening & closing of the contacts independent of the speed of actuation .
High electrical and mechanical life even in extreme tropic or arctic conditions and the polluted environment of any process industry thanks to:

  • Silver plated copper knife type contact system with self B wiping action and four breaking points por pole (two double B break contacts) .
  • Moulded case design of non B flammable glass fibre reinforced polyester with high mechanical and electrical track resistance and with low water absorption


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