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A Manual Bypass System consists of load break switches mechanically interlocked, to provide load break isolation and also have bypass transfer power contacts ,therefore in situations where a manual bypass is required due to one reason or other, this` can be accomplished safely and efficiently by utilizing MBPS .PCTL Automation manufactures a wide range of open transition manual bypass switches, covering the complete power
range ,these switches are aesthetically enclosed in metallic enclosures to provide a safe easy and rapid action Bypass
switches ,fully rated,self cleaning contacts provides a reliable solution for through out its service life.

Application Description
The bypass isolation system is mandatory for applications where maintenance, inspection and testing is to be perform, while maintaining continuous power to the load. The application also includes critical life support systems and standby power situations requiring safe system maintenance with no power disruptions. Such a design allows for the quick isolation of the different devices such as automatic change over- systems, UPS,Volatge stabilizers ,fuel cells etc for inspection, maintenance or replacement purpose
* Higher current ratings available on request!
* Please note that our Standard Manual Bypass Switch comes with changeover and load break switch mounted with in a metal enclosure only.
Any optional items such as list below needs to be quoted additionally

  1. Indicators
  2. Instruments such as Voltmeter,Ameter,Energy Meters etc
  3. Surge arrestors
Extended Busbar Links
Extra cable compartment for extra cables
  6. Control wiring


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