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PCTL offers a wide range of manual and automatic change over systems, these are open transition changeovers, and each change over system is designed to offer an optimum solution.

  1. Micro processor based open ransition automatic change over system
  2. Current ratings for single phase neutral 16-125 Amps & three phase neutral 16-300 Amps
  3. Full parameter setiings like genset on delay, genset off delay after run timing status display supplies on load and available
  4. Mechanical and electrical interlock integral
  5. Unique inbuilt manual bypass available with isolator type ACO
  6. Multiple genset starting option available
  7. Load management change over option available
  8. Remote indicatio and control available

PCTL Offers a wide range of automatic open transition changeover switches, designed for a very
advanced ,robust and reliable,flexible,safe and relaible.

The design consists of operating four pole circuit breakers fully automatic in electrically and mechanically interlocked to provide automatic source selection, from one source to
another ,the change over sequenc is controlled by an industrial grade logic controller which provide the sequences with adjustable delays inorder to achieve successful change overs repeatedly, the logic incorporation also provides a flexibility of integrating various options with in the change overs,inorder to make it more efficient .


  1. Possibility of integrating complex sequences.
  2. Facility of programming gensets to run equal hours in a system of multiple gensets .
  3. Remote operation possibility by using standard communication protocols.
    electrical track resistance and with low water absorption .
  4. Excellent thermal and dielectric properties of insulating materials adjacent current carrying parts: Dielectric strenght, electrical track resistance and dimensional stability at high temperatures
  5. Reliable and Optimum change over system.
  6. Manual over ride options (this facility is offered in selected ranges)
  7. Adjustable delays for change overs Simple and easy settings
  8. High operational reliability and availability Compact, space Saving design

Areas of Applications

  • Agriculture (Tea, Flower, Sugar, Coffee etc.)
  • Chemical/Petrochemical Pharmaceutical companies
Power Stations, Generation and Distribution
    Paper Industries
  • Water projects, dams, water treatment
  • Mining/Quarries 
Steel Mills
  • Food Industries
  • Data centres 
Office buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Learning institution’s Hotels .


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