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Power Factor

The APFC panels are conventional to the international standards are available with multiple stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors

Automatic change overs systems

When there is main supply, the AMF Panel will keep the loads on mains, once the main supply fails, the AMF Panel senses this and starts the Genset

Meter Boards

We manufacture a wide variety of meter boards for residential and commercial complexes. Each meter board is designed to consider the local utility requirement, available area and the location either indoor or outdoor

Industrial automation PLC,s & Drives Sensing

We are engaged in offering excellent range of PLC Based Control Panels, which are utilized in various applications and available in varied specifications with us

DG Synchronizing Panel

We are offering DG Synchronizing Panels which is based on load in KW.Hence the actual sharing, starting , stoping and transfers are actual load dependent..

Sub Distribution Boards

Sub Distribution Boards

Consumer Units & Distribution Boards

Consumer Units & DB’S

Low Voltage Mains Distribution Board

Low Volume Power Distribution System

Motor Control Centres

Motor Control Centres

Manual Changeover Systems

PCTL Offers a range of compact changeover switches, designed according to IEC / EN 60947B3, stands out for the easy and low B cost installation, flexB ibility, safety and reliability .

Energy management systems

Energy management systems

Manual half or full bypass systems

Manual half or full bypass systems


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