We manufacturers wide variety of feeder pillars. Feeder pillars are mainly used for housing or installing various equipments or street lighting units. Low-voltage feeder pillars form a basic part of most public and many private distribution networks. Feeder pillars are connected to the distribution board. Feeder pillars are usually made of strong and weather proof materials. Some of the materials used to make feed er pillars include:

Galvanised sheet steel
Stainless steel The embellishments in the pillar are mainly cast in iron and are fixed to the posts by screws. They are fastened to the posts and primed. The root of the embellishment is coated with a black protective material.
Feeder pillars are usually earth stud and provided with backboard. They can be painted and finished as per requirement.
Pillars are provided with hinges, fixings and locks made of non-ferrous metals. Provided with fully enclosed switchgear.
They needs to be extended for the full pillar width and 600mm from the face of the pillar.
They must be provided with a concrete foundation, which can be free standing, along with necessary ducts for incoming and outgoing cables and sealed with bitumen compounds.
Feeder pillars are available in various designs. Uses & Applications Feeder pillars are mainly used in electrical installations.

Some of its common uses are:

  • Street lighting
  • Telephone systems
  • Distribution units


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