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PCTl Automation manufactures and offers a full range of premium quality automatic servo voltage stabilizers which are in accordance with ISO standards these stabilizers are perfect for the application of protecting installation against the under and over voltage fluctuations, stabilizers are manufactured to encompass a wide operating voltage window and output tolerance of 1-2 % PCTl-DlT-5RV series from3KVA to 3000KVA,The stabilizers are fully microprocessor based and a continuous voltage correction ensures a very stable voltage to the installation, under very harsh environmental conditions. All stabilizers are manufactured using dry type technology necessarily obliviating the need of cooling oil.

stabline automatic voltage1

Internal components such as inductors and coils used are of high conductivity copper enabling an efficient power transfer during out of voltage window correction of the output supply.

PRINCIPAL OF OPERATION Servo stabilizers works on the principle of servo control using a high density micro controller card which sample the output voltage and compares it with the set point voltage any difference in voltage is used to create an error voltage so as to move the voltage correcting arm connected to the buck and boost transformer which in turn stabilizes the output voltage to with in stated tolerance of + 1-2 %.

FEATURES DELTASRV33 Series 3 phase in / 3 phase out (3-3000 kVA)

  • SRV33 series are three phase voltage stabilizers, regulate mains voltage to with in tight band and prevent damage due to under/over voltage conditions.
  • Non-linear charges drive
  • 3 phase input and 3 phase output configuration
  • Wide power and voltage interval
  • Fast Regulation
  • High reliability thanks to Microprocessor and Smart Driver
  • High efficiency load transfer to Bypass via manual bypass Switch
  • Safe and economic usage
  • Overcurrent and overload protection (Optional)
  • Digitally displayed status, input & output measurements
  • 1 - year warranty
  • 10 years spare parts support