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The MCC panes are conventional to the international standards are available with multiple stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors.

MCC Panel PCTL Automation manufactures a large range of Motor control centers as per IEC standards the application covers areas such as chemical, utilities, pharmaceutical etc. The flexibility of the design enables the same basic construction to be used for the incorporation of a wide spectrum of technologies i.e. conventional electromechanical starter components, PLC's, variable speed drives, soft start units and intelligent motor managers/ starters communicating on diverse but standard communications protocols i.e. profibus, devicenet, modbus etc.

We can provide number of vertical sections of motor control centers in different amps with mains and lug compartments. We provide controllers with manual or automatic means of starting or stopping the motor, selecting forward or reverse rotation, selecting and regulating the speed, regulating or limiting the torque and protecting against overloads or faults. We can make motor controllers with different features and complexities depending on the task that the motor will be performing.

We have full range of soft starters and provides with a very cost effective solution for starting of the ac induction motors as it is very well know fact that start-up of a induction motor causes a very high demand of power on the networks and also loads the power cable in order to discourage customers for causing these stresses on the power lines most of the utility companies sets a minimum power factor requirement for any installation to maintain otherwise are severally penalized, soft starter provides a better option for starting the motors at the same time reduces the stress on the supply lines and cables we stock and supply a wide variety of soft starters as manufactured by ABB.

Ratings - Upto 4000Amp with certified short circuit fault withstand of up to 50ka for 3 sec (80ka for 1sec)
Bus-Bars - Bus-Bars are copper tinned high conductivity bus bars of half hard high-conductivity copper supported by smc or dmc supports. Standard bus-bars are of bare copper, air insulated. polyfin sleeved or tinned bus-bars can be supplied to clients requirements. A main earth bar runs the length of the MCC with a vertical extension to each compartment. Separation and Segregation - Separation and segregation of bus-bars and functional units is incorporated to meet the requirements of BS EN 60439-1 Form 4 Type 2 to Type 7.

Nylon terminals are used with suitable accessories like TERMINALS HEADERS, MARKERS STOPPER, and CT SHORTING TERMINALS etc.
Wiring bunch is laid down in PVC DUCTS and arranged to give double safety by using SPIRAL/FLEXIBLE CONDUCT. All components are marked with INTERNAL LEGENDS; legends are made out of trifoliate sheet to depict feeder designation even in rear cable chamber also. Control circuit is powered by DRAW TYPE FUSE or MCB.

Every incomer panel is provided with drawing pocket for ready reference of control schemes.

Technical Specification

Rated Insulator Voltage : 690 Volts AC
Rated Operator Voltage : 415V_+ 10%
RATED IMPULSE Withstand voltage : 8-KV
Rated Current : upto 6300A
Fault level : upto 80KA /1 sec
Ambient Temp : 35°C
Temp. Rise : 35°C over ambient
Degree of protection : upto IP-54
Colour of structure – Grey Ral 7035
Dimension (mm) : H=2100, D=800/600/400, W=400,600, 800 (multiple)

Power and control wiring bunches are carried in vertical cable alley DIN CHANNEL is provided to accommodated NYLON COLOUREDE POWER
TERMINAL AND CONTROL TERMINALS, represented by markers & headers. Transparent shroud are provided in incoming side to avoid accidental contact in case door is opened.