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Bus Duct & Bus Trunking

Presenting a range of bus ducts and rising mains which can be operated with less than 35 degree celsius temperature rise over an ambient of 40 degree celsius. The non-segregated Bus Ducts with inter leaving design are aptly designed for indoor and outdoor installation with IP: 55 degree of protection.

All our bus duct systems are type tested. We are pioneer in engineering &  supplier  of various types of bus ducts and bus trunking systems. We supply both alluminium and copper bus duct as per requirement.
Tap off unit are available for all kind of attachment  ( mcb/mccb/fuse) of any brand.
  1. Busbars have compact structure. Placing of insulated/separated conductors in the housing provides compact structure. Busbar systems need less space than cable systems, especially for high ampere rates.
  2. Busbars have sheet metal body. This helps transferring the generated heat out through metal housing. Cooling is better than cable systems.
  3. Busbars can be applied to any kind of building by its modular structure. The design of busbar system can be changed in the future and/or moved to another building then installed again.
  4. Busbar systems have a modern and esthetic looking.
  5. Busbar systems do not burn, do not carry flames and do not generate poisonous (halogen, etc.) gas incase of fire. Cable systems can burn and enable fire to split out in the buildings (especially required in high-rise buildings and shopping centers).
  6. Busbar systems have no chimney effect, because of compact structure (GS type) or pre-installed inner fire barriers (GGD type).
  7. Busbar trunking systems have the advantage of expansions, changes, replacements and reusing capability in the future. According to the future needs, design of busbar system can be changed easily or fully/partially moved to another establishment.
  8. Installation time is much shorter than cable systems. This provides low installation and manpower costs and helps for better time management.
  9. During design stage of the building, busbar systems reduce the cost of other systems;
  10. With robust structure, short circuit stand is much higher than cable systems. (For example; for 3200A busbar, 220 kA/peak and 100kA/rms)
  11. Especially for high ampere rates, compact structure reduces the distance of conductor’s axis and this reduces inductive reactance. Result of low resistance and impedance, voltage drop is much lower than cable.
  12. The compact structure and steel sheet housing allows much lower electromagnetic field around busbar system than cables. Data cables can safely install high current rated busbars near. Busbars do not generate electromagnetic interference on data system.
  13. Usually, more than one cable is used for the same phase connection, especially for high ampere rates. Busbar systems eliminate length differences between conductors and provide equal load on each line.
  14. With busbar system, it’s easy, economic and safe to collect energy on the line with tap off boxes where needed. Location of these Tap-off boxes can be easily and safely changed according to future needs. Also, number of tap off boxes can be increased.
  15. Busbar systems are consisted of fully certified standard elements and designed to eliminate possible human mistakes. Such as tap off boxes/plugs are tested and certified parts of a busbar system and complies all safety requirements. Securities of all tap-off boxes are standard and does not change depend on the installer. Safeties of cable system’s connections are depended on experiment of installer person.
  16. Busbars cannot be bitten and damaged by various animals, which may live in the buildings (rats, etc.). Because, housing is steel sheet and it is not delicious.


Considering the facts above; Busbar Trunking Systems has great advantages like better electrical specs, shorter and easier installation, reduced costs, time and space, easy maintenance management and various high protections.

Certification : ASTA