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An APFC panel (Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel) not only maintains a high power factor also eliminates the need for constant manual intervention.

Automatic power factor correction panel (APFC PANEL)
The APFC panels are conventional to the international standards are available with multiple stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors.

Most of the commercial and Industrial installations in the country have large electrical loads which are severely inductive in nature, such as motors, large machines, air conditioners, drivers etc. Which results in a severely lagging power factor. This means loss and wastage of energy and heavy penalties by electricity boards. In case of fixed loads this can be taken care by manual switching of capacitors.

However in case of rapidly varying and scattered loads it becomes difficult to maintain a high power factor by manually switching on/off the capacitors in proportion to variation of load within an installation. This drawback is overcome by using an APFC panel (Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel) which not only maintains a high power factor but also eliminates the need for constant manual intervention.


  • Economical with faster payback periods.
  • Ability to maintain a constant high power factor.
  • Eliminates low power factor penalties levied by EB.
  • Reduces the KVA demand charges.
  • Improves efficiency of the system by reducing losses.
  • Prevents leading power factor in the installation during low load conditions.

Our pf controller which displays parameters like Voltage, current, power factor, Harmonic distortions and complete user friendly menu with auto set up provides a high efficiency switching system at the same time immune to harmonics, also senses the alarm condition during under/over or high temperature, a communication facility is also provided through modbus (optional).

The capacitors used are dry types power grade capacitors with with self healing properties the over pressure disconnector intrinsic to capacitors adds the safety of disconnecting them from the network during high pressure buld up inside, the discharge resistors ensures the voltage across the capacitor quenched rapidly during off periods.

The fuse bases used are easy to mount or remove during the maintenance periods. Special switching capacitors are used to minimise the transients during the switching periods Modular design of the cabinet ensures the ease of maintenance and replacement during a particular component failure without disturbing the operation of the bank.

Enclosure for the bank is designed thermally in such a way so that capacitors are cooled during the operation periods through a thermostatically controlled cooling fans and optimised switching by controller also ensures that all the capacitors are used for an equal time period.